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Sep 4, 2010 11:00pm EDT
love randy as a judge. >> jennifer low pose and stephen -- lopez and steven tyler are rumored to be the next judges. who will be sitting at the judge's table in january? >> jennifer lopez rumor has a lot of basis in reality. she has been on the show before. her manager works very closely with a lot of the artists. the steven tyler rumor is the most interesting one out of this whole thing. sort of came out of nowhere. handle really heard his name being thrown around during any of these preliminary stages. again, it's a great career move for stephen. >> idol producer nigel understands the speculation surrounding the show but wants the spotlight shifted back to where it should be, on the contestants. >> in truth we have got to get the focus back on the real talent which are the kids in that stadium and all around the country. >> idol fans will just have to wait and see. in new york, laura ingle fox news. >> not a whole lot of dancing on "american idol." that's not really what they are being judged on. >> but at thisevent that's what it's all about. we will explain what they doing
Sep 26, 2010 10:00am PDT
-- welcome to the latest addition of the district -- i am jennifer low. today we are focusing on district 7. the district between the lake and zoo. to remain something of a mystery of san francisco. let's find the charm of district 7. >> look at this, it's one of the most unique strips in all of san francisco. we have the unique neighborhoods to make san francisco what it is. they are unique and distinct and have their own characteristics. that's what we love. >> i think the most characteristic in district 7 you have residents that have been here forever. you have generations. i am fourth generation san franciscoian. you have a lot of people that live in san francisco that live in the sunny side and lived out here for years. as a result you have a real concern and care for just basic quality of life and community issues. i think that's our unique characteristic. >> strict 7 has reputation of being the conservative district. let's hear from the locals. >> i would say it looks to city government to provide more basic city services. it's a focus on the basics. and if that's more cons
Sep 15, 2010 12:30pm PDT
. i'm jennifer lowe. today we will focus on district five. let's get started by looking at the problems the residents are facing. >> any of the problems we speak of in district five i think we're speaking of about the city overall. when i -- i shall share with you whether it's a question of housing, affordable housing, public safety, making sure that violent crime and homicides that have plagued san francisco for two years, unprecedented which we haven't seen in 12 years, i believe, the kind of people displacement of, as i said working class and african-americans, speaks to a trend that i think, overall, we should be concerned about in san francisco, so that this city, 10 years, 20 years from now, is not one that is delineated into two san franciscos, where the have and have notes. >> we are still in the midst of having to fight every single day for our portion of jobs, for the city, for our portions of appropriate housing for our community, and our share of whatever activities that can move a community forward. so that's like a constant fight. if you go out to for insta
Sep 3, 2010 10:00pm PDT
will survive and thrive. for sfg tv i'm jennifer low and as always, thanks for watching.
Sep 10, 2010 10:00pm PDT
and that mid-market is not the dividing line between north and south. jennifer low: welcome back to district sf on sfgtv. this month we're at the asian art museum in the center of san francisco and the center of district 6. it's a wide area in the city, one that many people just drive through, with locked doors. but when we go inside mid-market, the tenderloin, and south of market, you'll see the reality is different from the reputation. we met district 6's supervisor, chris daly, while he was visiting residents of an sro hotel now managed by the city. the success at the mission hotel is one example, of halting decades of decline, in the very heart of san francisco. the story of what is now district 6, is just the most current chapter of center city's long history. charles fracchia: districts began in the gold rush and were pretty much a part of all the 19th century. with a few exceptions, you've cobbled together e bunch of neighborhoods, and so districts are largely pretty much disparate areas. they take in a whole variety of different kinds of neighborhoods. in district 6, you've got part of
Sep 15, 2010 6:00am EDT
would be important to jessamy in terms of voter turnout. there was a low turnout of 13.6%. reporting live , jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it looks like it will be several hours until we hear a have the declared winner. kevin kamenetz has 52% of the vote and bartenfelder has 44% of the votes. >> governor martin o'malley easily won the democratic nomination last night. he thanked supporters for their vote of confidence. >> i am looking forward to this contest. it will be a choice about whether we move forward or whether we slip back. i believe the people of the state will choose to move forward. >> meanwhile, sarah palin is endorsement of brian murphy did not seem to do much to change the voters of maryland. >> our numbers are pretty strong tonight. it shows the real strength of our campaign. we feel good about it. we feel good about a vigorous campaign in the fall. >> get e-mail alerts an instant results on our website, you will find a link on the front page. >> a police officer is facing assault. authorities say the officer was arrested on sunday on washington
Sep 14, 2010 6:00pm EDT
marlboro. neither candidate knows what the low turnout means for their chances. back in kettering, longtime polley place campaigner -- polling place campaigner, jennifer bell, says -- >> come out and make a difference from you believe should lead prince george's county. -- for whom you believe should be prince george's county. >> as of 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, only 9% of the voters had shown up to vote. but the voters -- the polls are open for another couple of hours and it is hoped that people will come when they get off work. >> this is delaware with mike castle, one of the more contested races there. he is facing a fierce tea party debate. the winner will face chris itunes. he is running unopposed. -- chris koons. me is running unopposed. >> we have an update on a breaking story refers reported at tight -- 5:00. french media reports that the subway station near notre dame cathedral received a bomb threat similar to the one given the eiffel tower. the tower and areas nearby were evacuated after an anonymous " -- an anonymous caller phoned in the threat. about 3000 people were cleared fro
Sep 28, 2010 4:30am PDT
light that is. no problem so far, but it will get crowded, trust me. >> mike inouye and jennifer hill and the heat finally moving away slowly. >> yes, finally moving away slow low. slowly is the key word. we are warm outside and sunshine in the forecast. this is a look at the 12:00 temperatures. 96 in fairfield and 96 in livermore and 95 degrees in concord. 90 in fremont. in sm area beaches will see a cool down, but not a strong onshore flow. we are seeing offshore and that's why things it are station warm and bad air quality. 4:00, 102 in fairfield and 105 in livermore. we broke all kinds of records. 90 degrees in oakland and 95 in san rafael. the seven-day forecast, it will be hot outside. it's important to stay hydrate and use sunscreen. tomorrow we get more of an onshore flow. monday and tuesday and then on wednesday things are cooling down into the upper 80s. >> down to 87. thank you much. time is 4:41. an east bay professor getting recognized on a national level. we will tell you what he did. and preventing school dropouts. education nation continues with a look at the problem a
Sep 6, 2010 5:30pm EDT
indicator of heart problems. >>> they weren't mainly hittin the movie theater but the low down patrice tells us new videeohope to have some success with films on dvd. >> i'm speed0. >> it's jennifer. it's just jen. >>repprter: this has the name that shoold have made ate success. ashton and catherine.. they play a married couple but he has a big seccet. if formee asays continue three years after the marriage he finds out he's the found friend. >> going to be a long day. >>reporter: afterrweak review it only brought in 47 million dollars. movie that did even worse, mmgruber. based on the "saturday night live" sketch snl star will play as bumbling operative who tries to bring down a villain bent on world domestic naichlingts i don't uss gun so i use home made explosive i made wiih my oon 2 -- no. no. better not be a joke. >>reporter: it only earned 8 and half million dollars worldwide. ouch. the do nut brother are guaranteed money makers. the disney ccannel movie camp rock 2 the final comes out tomorrow. think of ii as high school musical at summmr camp. catch up on 2 hit cw balt
Sep 8, 2010 10:00pm EDT
in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 0:00. >> hell low, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. 24 alarm fires in west baltimore. ten row homes up in smoke. >> happened minutes apprt less3 than one quarter of a mile away today's weather mmy have played a key role in the blazes. karen parks is currently in west baltimoree and tells us no onee3 was hhrt. but these fires are still under investigation tonight. karen? >> that'' right jeff. innestiggtors are still here, on the scene. -ou mentioned earlier, in the intro, you talked abouu high winds. windy right now. just imagine what it was like a now, the fire started right here. you can sse all the debris left. after three homes caught on fire. the blaze then spread, across the street. i will try to get over here to show you. these five row homes, went up in flames, and it did not stop here. and investors say high winds could be a factor. but will not confirm. 5 ell you. as for neighbors. it was a iasco none will forget. >> it is crazy. you got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. seven firee. >> flames tear down homes. >> in the
Sep 7, 2010 7:00am PDT
. jennifer ashton is here to explain. this has been the driving force for so long. it's always there, the low carb diet, you lose weight, but with it, all these health problems. >> some real risks. and as you mentioned, it's not just low carb, but it's high protein, high fat, which is instead of the carbs that are so harmful. but this diet is actually harmful, as well. they followed about 130,000 people and actually found that those on the low carbohydrate high fat, high protein diet, especially high animal fat and animal protein, actually had a freig greater risk of death and cancers and heart experts have been saying this for years, there is a healthier way to go where you can still dou low car, but substitute a lot of plant based. >> so if you feel it works for you, what are we talking about specifically? is it tofu and avocadoses? >> the key to any successful diet is anyone can lose weight over any period of time, but you need to maintain it. and it needs to be relate abiliable and work for your lifestyle. good sources of protein like tofu, almonds are and work for your lifestyl
Sep 23, 2010 5:30pm EDT
,000 dollars. woman in the oncoming car had a blood alcohol level of.03. that was too low to press criminal charges. lauren cook has traffic edge report. lauren? >>reporter: thank you jennifer. we re eeling with congession on many of our main lines. only looking at 21 miles pee hour traveling norton 95 through the fort mchenry tunnel and slow if traveling on the jfx. lead to earlier crash on the northbounddlanes at cold spring lann. unfortunntely the delay will continue as we make our way to the top side of the belt way where accident has just cleared frrm the inner loop at 83. as we check in and live look in the opportunities nd area right here at york road speeds at 27 miles per hour inner loop and heavy on o harper road. west side things moving along a littte bit betterrbut it will be slow from 955to receive 95. tt you. >> thanks so muuh. >>>ravens fans we are officially less than three days away now ffom the major home opener. >> oh, and the gang from the bank stadium were out at harbor police today. they ad food. give away and other fun things to help get ans pumped up
Sep 23, 2010 6:00am EDT
on traffic pulse 11. now back to you. >> thank you. the battle over slots in anne arundel county goes low-tech. >> the developer is literally pounding the pavement. jennifer franciotti is live and to explain. >> david cordish is the developer who wants to put in the slots parlor and he has been going door to door to garner support. he is telling anybody who will listen about the plan to generate $400 million for education in the first year and the creation of 4000 new jobs. others have teamed up with the maryland jockey club which wants to push slots elsewhere. if they vote no, slot zoning starts from scratch. >> to get this back in gear, the lawyers who we have heard on both sides have said five years minimum. that means five years. these states lost $2.5 billion because you're starting from scratch. >> he believes the anti-slot tv ads are being partially funded by a company that already has a gaming license in cecil county. cordish has filed a complaint. now back to you. >> thank you. that brings us to your answers to our water cooler question of the day. what's your position on buildin
Sep 7, 2010 12:00pm EDT
>> they have not named their new judges yet. producers are filling in at the judges' table. the show hit a low notes last year, losing viewers. randy jackson is the only original judge left. they are looking at judges from elton john to jennifer lopez to it steven tyler of aerosmith. >>> today u.s. officials with the soccer organisation's fifa are in the district to check the city's potential to have the sportings largest event. they're looking at fedex field and other spots. 2018.s going to be in a change of command at abc news. the longtime president is leaving after 13 yearsh on the job. e will stay until a successor is named. -- he will stay until a successor is named. a quarter of the news division staff has gone as well. >>> a dramatic end to the burning man festival in nevada. many people gathered to watch it. the annual weekend festival features lots of eclectic costumes. everything went as planned. some were treated for dehydration after hours in the high desert -- hot desert. >>> i have the computer working. a beautiful sunrise over the bay. let's look at the forecast. near 80 degree
Sep 14, 2010 5:00am PDT
the forecast and welcome jennifer hill this morning. good morning. >> good morning and thank you. a little cool yesterday, but today things start to warm up. we have the low clouds hugging the area and those will burn off by the time we reach the noon hour. by noon we are getting to the 60s and 70s and by 4:00, upper 70s for fairfield and livermore. in the 60s over san francisco and santa cruz. >> sounds like a great day. let's see how your commute is shaping up. as a view across the bay, looking nice right now. westbound with the tail lights away from the hayward side where the construction picked up off the southbound 80 and 82 interchange. good news for city streets. let me show you the maps. we have construction schedule and that has been going on for a while. we do have a couple of lanes block until about 7:00 a.m. southbound 280 moving smoothly and that won't start until later on until about 6:30. back to you. >> 5:02 right now. the search continues for four people still missing after the explosion in san bruno. at the same time the search for answers into what sparked the has emotions ru
Sep 15, 2010 5:30am EDT
45 iivestigation haslleges uncovered suuprisingly low graduatiin ates at several public universities. universities that receive tens ú% milliins in ssate dollars every year. jennifer gilbert explains in commencements concerns. >> i think the graduation rate that it's in.ause of the area >> reporter: jessica is a sophommreestudying journallsm, %-the university syytem ofies i3 maryland. according to system ata, the odds of graduating from cop pen state within four years are slim. that is because just 4% of caupen students graduated ffomú. 10% in 5 years and just 13% in 6 years. >> wow! i didn'' realize ii was that i knew it was low. >> reporter: to help put those figures intooperspective, 61% of university of maryland college park sttdents graduate in 4 years. yeers. >> both institutions not enough kids are ggaduating. >> reporter: state senator is the member of the board of regents and currently sits on the state's education committee. >>the cost for the students got it too hiih. ú%at isswhy you see the studenns dropping out. unless we get the tuition under control, we won't ge
FOX News
Sep 29, 2010 10:00pm EDT
because of the low scores they had given derek and jennifer. when my mom was announced the crowd went nuts. >> greta: interesting, you can't maneuver anywhere without getting a lot of attention. there's another controversy having to do with rum runners. what is that about? >> i really don't know what that is about. i'm guilty as charged. i ate nachos at a restaurant. it is a big deal saying i was at a bar. i don't know, just more controversy that people like to spread lies about, i guess. >> greta: it is interesting that whatever you do, we are following. we also follow the good things. you are getting involved in a lot of social things. you are involved now in a right to life project, is that right? >> yes, it is. i just did a fundraiser in kentucky. i'm doing another pro-life fundraiser in northern california tomorrow. >> greta: are there other projects you want to get involved in? >> yeah, there's lots of things that i would like to do. there's lots of opportunities out there. i want to share my testimony and my message to young girls. i want to do a lot of things. >> greta: why do you
Sep 23, 2010 4:30am PDT
as a result. we haven't seen a lot of benefit either. we will track that. >> we will check in with jennifer hill. >> good morning. things are changing. warmer weather. cool over the last couple of days. we don't have a lot of fog, but low stratus being reported around the coast and patchy fog up towards santa rosa. winds are a little lighter than yesterday. a 14 mile window for fairfield and the seven-day forecast, weather coming our way. the high is 80 for the weekend. we are getting up to the 90s. some areas might be reaching the upper 90s and triple-digits into the end of the weekend and the beginning of next week. >> amazing. thank you, jennifer. 4:41. the new health care laws that go into effect today. we will have a run down. get ready to pay more for the cup of joe at your favorite starbucks. what's beh hi latest kehike. changes in the raiders's starting lineup. . >>> livermore going to hit 80 degrees and it's going to get downright hot this weekend. we are following developing news. three people shot in an oakland club on webster street. they arrived before 2:00 this morning and fou
Sep 27, 2010 11:00pm EDT
temperatures. cooling off tt the low 50s. and pper 40s so we are starting to see theetemperaturee get pretty cool as we get into early parts of next week. jennifer and he jeff? >> all right, vytas, hank you. you can be in charre of your own -ersonalized forecast. i-radar is available at just use the interactive tools to track storms down to our neighborhood. go to and cliik on iiradar. >> and that will do t for the "late edition" tonight. thanks for joining us. >> and i am jennifer gilbert.ú up next,,is how i met your mother. and be sure to tune in to morning news tomorrow starting
Sep 4, 2010 10:00pm EDT
. >> reporter: earl did cause some damage in terms of power outages and low lying along the coast. but officials say it was very minor. jennifer davis, fox news in cape cod. >>> power outages from massachusetts but the flooding was isolated. rain and churning surf further in maine but the winds were not strong enough to produce any damage. but in nova scotia, one man did drowned trying to tie up his boat when it got loose from its moorings. >> hurricane who? as you just heard the once dreaded hurricane earl proved to be far less intense than many expected, downgraded to a storm. but it did hurt seasonal businesses hoping to end the summer on a high note. get this, one business owner said losing out on customers wasn't such a big disappointment. it's earl that let him down. >> well, this was a nothing storm, as you might think. we have regular windy days here that are 50 miles per hour winds. southwesterlies, not north earl. with you -- but this was a real bust. >> reporter: i just came from ocean city and i don't think anyone there is complaining that it was a bust. earl left behind a beautiful
Sep 14, 2010 4:30am PDT
:30, september 14th. welcome jennifer hill to the bay area. she has a look at the forecast. >> good morning, everybody. it was a little cold yesterday and will be a little bit warmer today. low clouds will burn off earlier than they did yesterday. we are looking at the 8:00 a.m. forecast. 56 in livermore and 54 in fairfield. patchy fog in the forecast in the morning hours. as we get into the noon hour, 73 degrees in concord and clearing happening along the way itself. happening earlier than yesterday and temperatures will be warmer. as we head towards 4:00, temperatures near 80. cool in the evening and back into the 70s for fairfield. 75 degrees for napa and 75 for san jose. we will see some clouds towards the specific, but clearing towards san francisco and santa cruz will see 67 for a high. i know it's my first day, but talking about rain. we are looking at showers on friday. the north bay and possibly getting as far south as san mateo and it's for the weekend. not my fault! >> happy first day. mike? >> hardly my first day, but i won't talk about rain. we will leave it to jennifer. we are
Sep 1, 2010 12:30pm PDT
that she would consider abandoning us in this way, but she has, and so, we will look hard and high and low into all of you in the room to try to replace her if we can, so with that, i would just like to say a heartfelt thank you, jennifer, so much. god bless for all you have done, and good luck to you in the next chapter of your travels. [applause] >> jennifer, the commission has a plaque here for you, and i will read it. i accretion for your 18 + years of hard work and dedication at the port of seven -- an appreciation for your 18 + years of hard work and dedication at the port of san francisco. in addition, there is something i want to present to you, and is kind of a pictorial resume of your work at the port, signed by all your friends here, and if you get chance to take a look at it, and has a little piano keyboard of here for your love of music. i will present this to you, and i know probably some folks from staff and the public might want to make comments. >> commission, any comments? i'm sure there are some staff members who would like to say few things. >> commissioners, i am with
Sep 1, 2010 6:00am EDT
of the weekend. low 80's on monday. >> thank you. there was the shocking sexual assault of a woman in glen bernie. jennifer franciotti has more. >> police have been handing out fliers, asking for the public's help in finding the man they say raped an elderly woman. this happened on monday morning. once inside, police say a man raped the victim and then fled the area. right now, police only have a vague description to go on. anyone with information is asked to call police. reporting live, jennifer franciotti. >> here's matt lauer with a look at what's coming up next on the "today" show. >> coming up on a wednesday, hurricane earl has the east coast of the united states in its sights. will it come ashore? we are tracking that start. then we will talk to joe biden speech,resident obama's whether it was worth the lives and money sacrificed, and if president obama was right to have a troop surge. all that plus our wedding couple. we will learn which brings you picked for them when we get started on a wednesday edition of the "today" show. >> 70 degrees on tv hill. >> we will check weather and traffic
Sep 7, 2010 9:00am EDT
. >> our first question is from skype from jennifer in utah. good morning, jennifer, what's our your question? >> my husband was recently diagnosed with a condition that results in a low sperm count. should we just give up hope and try to adopt? >> as a doctor i will never tell you to give up, but as a mother of an adopted child, that's a good route too. doctors look at the number of sperm in a microscope and deciding if there's enough to ovulate an egg and for men that's usually a sperm count of lower than 20 million, and it seems like already a lot. but those numbers matter and also the health of the sperm matter. so here are the things for your husband and for you to talk about and those are the simple lifestyle things, for instance, ann, things like cigarette smoking, drug use, exposure to pesticides, even hot tub use where the testicles can be warmed too much and that can reduce the sperm count. those simple lifestyle things matter. soi so i would say to you jennifer, absolutely do not give up hope, but lifestyle matters and also see an infertility specialist. >> infertility spe
Sep 7, 2010 5:00pm EDT
facility is getting a new name. i'm jennifer franciotti. coming up, with a future performances and the expected attendance rate. >> dry conditions around here with low humidity and gusting wind. this leaves the potential for brush fires. a fire which in effect for tomorrow. look for some rain in >> good afternoon. i am rod daniels. here's a look at what we are working on for 11 news at 6:00 p.m. an apartment fire in columbia. a woman's body found inside. the fire did not cause her death. we're live with the latest on that investigation. for the first time, early voting is in maryland. how voting could have an effect on one college campus. these stories and much more when these stories and much more when you why is roman meal bread nutritious? two slices provide at least sixteen grams of whole grains and an excellent source of calcium. roman meal bread: great taste and nutrition since nineteen-twelve. >> thousands of people have been evacuated as a wildfire continued to grip the parts of colorado. >> just west of boulder, dozens of homes have been destroyed. the and greg has det
Sep 2, 2010 6:00am EDT
with the front. indeed on friday. upper 70's on saturday and sunday. low 80's on monday. a fantastic overall holiday weekend. >> thank you. federal prosecutors have secured an indictment against a longtime state senator. jennifer franciotti joins us with more on the story. >> the long time lawmaker is accused of using his office to benefit the grocery chain shoppers. it is alleged that he was paid $145,000 to help open a store. the indictment said currie to give stores an extension on meeting energy efficiency standards and for smoothing a way for a liquor license transfer. he is running for reelection unopposed. reporting live, jennifer franciotti. >> here's matt lauer with a look at what's coming up next on the "today" show. >> coming up on a thursday, a powerful hurricane named earl could make landfall as early as tonight in north carolina and then race up the east coast. the deadly standoff outside washington d.c. a producer spoke to the gunmen during the crisis. also, why you may be eating twice as much as you should be when you eat at your favorite restaurant. can you go entire month w
Sep 22, 2010 4:30am PDT
morning, jennifer. >> good morning. it's a little cool outside. we had that breeze really picking up yesterday but a big warmup is on the way. a bit of low clouds around this morning, maybe a little fog but we'll see that burning off. temperatures in the 50s as we look at 8:00 a.m. as we head toward noon we'll all be enjoying quite a bit of sunshine and warm us up to 70 in concord, 71 in livermore, 67 in san jose, 62 at noon. so is the first day of fall that comes this evening at 8:00, it's going to feel more like summer as we head toward the end of the week. 69 degrees at 4:00 in fremont, 73 in livermore and we're looking at 68 degrees. so with the seven-day forecast here, a little cool today. we're forecasting temperatures right in the mid-70s as we look at the east bay. by the time we hit the weekend, forecast highs making it back into the 90s for the first weekend of fall. it kind of seems counter intuitive, doesn't it, scott. >> it does. great way to start fall. >>> mike joining us with some construction. >> we also have a warning if you're heading from the east bay to the city
Sep 16, 2010 6:00am EDT
down to the absentee ballots to decide who will be city state's attorney. jennifer franciotti is live with more. good morning. >> there are people who believe the absentee votes do not matter. that is not the case in thhis race. despite the low turnout, it took the board of elections a full state to release complete returns. the race between bernstein and jessamy is too close to call. 3% was lost in limbo. judges forgot to turn in memory cards from 82 voting machines. the cards were tracked down. there is nothing suspicious or unusual about the slow accounting. >> when you have an election, it is not uncommon to not be at 100% within 24 hours. >> bernstein is leading jessamy by nearly 1300 votes. they are expecting to start counting the absentee ballots sometime this morning. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the smoke has cleared in the race for baltimore county executive. county council member kevin kamenetz has emerged as the winner. he has called for unity with joe bartenfelder and his supporters. >> it is time we put our differences behind us. i reached out to everyone in
Sep 24, 2010 12:35am PDT
to be judges on "american idol." wow! while randy jackson is getting to sit next to steven tyler and jennifer lopez. [ laughter ] that's exciting news. [ cheers and applause ] very good. you hear about this? katy perry is making headlines for wear a low-cut dress on an upcoming episode of "sesame street," during a duet with elmo. [ light laughter ] in fact, the dress was so skimpy, elmo started tickling himself. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: really? >> jimmy: yeah, you won't see it. they cut it from air. you'll never see it. it's censored. today, vice-president biden held a conference call with senior citizens to talk about health care. seniors started the conference call confused about how health care works, and ended up more confused about how conference calls work. [ laughter ] they're like "wait, can you hear me? saul, you're talking into the vcr." "what?" [ laughter ] i don't even know what to make of this. an inmate in north carolina tried to smuggle a cell phone into jail by hiding it inside his rectum. [ audience groans ] when they caught him, the guy was like "i've g
Sep 18, 2010 7:00am EDT
. it should be dry monday and tuesday with high temperatures in the upper 70's and low 80's. highs in the mid 80's, wednesday, thursday, and friday with a clans for a few scattered thunderstorms. jennifer? >> thanks for joining us. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. >>> good morning. center stage. sarah palin firing up a crowd in iowa. it is the traditional starting line in the race for president, so is palin ready to run? >>> crossing the line, after his daughter was allegedly bullried. an outraged father takes matters into his own hands, going after students on a school bus. police say he went too far. now the question, what would you do? >>> and failing the test. just a few weeks after being released from rehab, lindsay lohan says she failed her latest drug test. could she be heading back to jail? a new setback for the troubled star "today," saturday, a new setback for the troubled star "today," saturday, september 18th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> welcome back to "today," everybody, i'm lester holt. >> and i'm amy robach. i have a feeling we're going to b
Sep 23, 2010 6:00am PDT
s around the bay. upper 70s and low 80s. easing into this warm up but much warmer temperatures on the weekend. we'll get to that in our five- day forecast after the top of the hour. >>> singer actress jennifer lopez has a message for "american idol" fans. the newly named judge says she is no diva and laughed off reports of stormy contract negotiations. american "american idol" confirmed the new judges. >> between heart, passion and street credit, this is going to be a richter scale event. >> i'm excited, nervous, anxious to get started. the energy out there was amazing. >> the next season of american american idol "american idol" airs in january. you can get more on click on the american idol tab. >>> a sandwich shop recently forced to close because it was too popular will now share a space with another restaurant. ike's place is what it's called. closed earlier this month after neighbors complained about the long lines of noisy customers. now the owner and his 30 employees will share space with a restaurant right around the corner called lime. that could be trouble e
Sep 12, 2010 5:00am EDT
" coverage continues in our next hour of "11 news sunday morning." >> coming up, why low-carb diets are being linked to higher mortality rates in our "medical alert." >> i'm jennifer franciotti. details next. >> and word that a popular >> and word that a popular roland park is moving. [ female announcer ] swiffer wetjet absorbs and traps so much dirt you'll never go back to your old mop. [ funny voice ] hey, mop! wanna suck up dirt and grime like swiffer wetjet? then try the absorb-a-straw! now you're gettin' it. [ female announcer ] sorry, mop, but swiffer wetjet has a dirt dissolving solution and super absorbent pads that trap and lock dirty water deep inside the gradient core while mops can just spread it around. swiffer cleans better, or your money back. ♪ she blinded me with science >> researchers have discovered that vitamin b along with normal vitamin amounts found it stops brain shrinkage by as much as 30%. >> what we recommend is that people with memory problems, especially the elderly, especially if they are being diagnosed already in a memory clinic, should be diagnosed by their
Sep 22, 2010 7:00am PDT
, want to check in with jennifer hill taking a look at our forecast. >> we have seen a few areas of low clouds. most of us have seen sunshine. some cool temperatures across the area. by noon the 60s and 70s. first day of fall feels like it, but we are not hanging on to the fall like weather. 73 in concord, 68 in redwood city. a look at the seven-day forecast. that is when we see the big changes coming. looks like we had a cool summer. s inhe 90s.nd of fall forecast stick around with brent for more news. >>> the man accused of shooting a fremont police officer makes a court appearance today. he was accused of shooting todd young. he is expected to enter a plea today, he is charges with attempted murder and carjacking. have a great morning. see you back here in a bit. >>> 8:39d -- 8:30 now on this wednesday morning, great day to be up and out this morning. we have a great crowd here in rockefeller plaza. we're going to announce the bridesmaid's dresses for melissa and jeremy's wedding. >> mark pittman is in the kitchen right now and he's making some recipes this morning where he's concent
Sep 19, 2010 10:30am PDT
'm jennifer lowe for sfg tv. thanks for watching. . >> my name is mark tieman and i'm senior councilor at pet camp, san francisco, california. we dispose of a lot of carbon-based material here, dog poop, and the more we can turn that into something viable, the better off we are. in san francisco there's more dogs than children. finding a viable use for dog poop. >> proenvironmental policies, that's a way to win hearts and that's a way to win hearts and minds. [horns honking] [siren wails] announcer: big dreams and goodrades aren't enough to get into college. there are actual steps you need to take. finding someone who can help is the first and most important. for the next steps, go to richie! yo, tye! what-up? richie! what-up, player? how ya doing, son? all right, man. i'm chillin', of course. click to find yours.
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